Skill and experience

 trainingOperating in the local area for many years, we have the skill and experience to address the locking or security issue you are facing.

Our fast-working team of accredited and CRB-checked professionals can be at your door in a matter of minutes to gain entry to your property, change locks or discuss your security requirements. The large amount of stock carried on call-outs vans means that all urgent and many other requirements can be addressed straight away.

Secure your peace of mind today with a new safe, alarm system or locks. Our staff also put their experience to good use in offering security inspections to highlight and fix the weak points of entry to your property and outbuildings. Don’t place your possessions and loved ones at risk. Get in touch with us and we can start working with you today.

Always training to keep your security top notch!

 always trainingSomething that we here see as a major priority is to keep ourselves trained to the top level, this is so that we can ensure that we provide the best possible service, at any time that you require it, regardless of what it is that you require. So it doesn’t matter what it is that you are in need of, anything from key cutting, to installation of new locks for your windows, doors, outdoor structures, garage and anything else that you can imagine, or if it’s for your new home or office security installation. You can always trust your local team to keep the standards at the highest possible level.

On top of all the official certifications required for any practitioner, we are always on the ball doing training as well as practice on any time that we have spare, and when there are developments on the security market, and new products that may be interesting to our customers come out, we also ensure that we have the installation process of these down to a T. And when it comes to products, we have only stock trusted brands and equipment that has been tried, tested and approved.

Come to our Nottingham locksmith service for anything keys, locks security and rest assured that installation will always be to the highest professional standards, fast, easy and planned around your situation and your circumstances. Of course you can always speak to this service when there are questions in your mind, they will find their direction and answers here all you need to do is pick up the phone and get in touch today.

A lovely team who cares for the work they do

great service from a lovely teamA key factor in being able to provide our customers with the best of what is out there and what they need, is simply to genuinely care for what we do and who we do it for. Without that component, there would be no reason for us to work hard with you, as the customer, any job that we do, and ourselves and our own development, learning and following of the industry market.

Your priorities and preferences are always heard with this caring service team who takes the right actions to ensure that you have the best possible choice for security upgrades.


We are available at all times should you be locked out and require an emergency lockout service, one that is there for you 24/7 as to ensure you are never without the assistance you need when you are in the greatest need. And with a service team who understands the high stress situation and the pressures that your work, studies, family or life puts on you we see the importance of getting to site fast, and resolving your issue with the minimum time requirement.

So if you want to ensure you have the best quality of products and services available today, why not come to a service team who takes pride in the work that they do, and are dedicated enough to their customers that they will do it at any time should there be an emergency. Call now to find out more, or call at any time if you should be in that situation of panic and urgency.

Solid home security guaranteed with our service team

Safe security with service teamIt’s of high importance to remember your security at home and at work. Though the rich, full and busy lives we all live today there is a never ending to do list which needs tending, and our team understands that at times things like security maintenance slips.

It’s natural and understandable, however the team here would like to let you know about our regular maintenance and security checks which you can book in for. With regular checks on your security your security will never fall behind and you, your family and your business will be kept as safe and secure as possible at all times. The regular security check is not there as a means to sell more security products, but is simply there to ensure that all your security features are up to standard and in good working order. Any additions, upgrades or new installations needed are always optional, and with a great team at your side you will always find the most suiting products for your situation should you wish to change something.

Some think that having regular security checks will be a larger cost than just having a security alarm system installed once, however with what is discovered during these checks you may just need a feature or a detailed changed to bring security levels upwards and in the long run it’s highly beneficial to stick to continuity and regularity.

A team who cares for you builds security solutions which last and are great value for money, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you think that your security is in need of a check over.

Our team putting priority on your solution

If there is ever a time where the team here completely forgets about themselves and are one hundred percent focused, is when there is someone who needs our assistance. Having spent many years training, and many more years in practical experience of the industry you can rely on this highly apt service teat to be able to be able to help you with any needs you have.

This also includes your urgent needs, and if there is ever a situation where you are requiring of instant access through a door you normally have a working key for, the solution is as quick, simple and convenient as making a phone call. All hours of the night or day you can call on this service team, one that is always on their toes and ready to come if there is an emergency need.

For all other services, which are too many to count individual thanks to the flexible nature of the team and the aim to find intuitive, suiting and customised security solutions for each individual. With our service team you are guaranteed competitive prices, great local and genuinely caring service.

All performed and provided by a team who burn for their work, a team who places as much weight on keeping solutions relevant and accurate, as they do ensuring that your security, key and lock issues find quick, affordable and long lasting solutions. Calling to have your questions answered is simple and something you can do at any time, booking in for an appointment for a home or business security check, repair or installation is just the same. So put the number for this dedicated service safe in your pocket for a rainy day, this way you will be back inside sipping tea before you know it.

Over all, and down to every detail

 indoor door silverOur service team are specialists of the most extraordinary kind. With security being one of the most difficult areas of expertice existing today, there are many things to keep in mind at the same time.

Everything from a fast moving industry market, with constant technological development, mirroring the risks that customers are facing today, all the way down to the precision installation work which is needed for each repair, installation and so on. Getting in touch with our service team for a security inspection at your property is simple, we can come at a time which is good for you, and with the team being highly trained to grasp the overall scenario and setting of your property area, as well as having the keenest eye for detail you will no doubt be able to find a security solution which is ideal for your situation.

Everything from day to day pointers on how to get into a better security routine, as well as spotting where your security situation may be in need of upgrading, and of course finding you the over all security solution which is ideal for your property is something that our service can be of help with.

So if you are searching for someone who can help you find the overall best solution, as well as find the individual detailed products which are suiting to you individually, and getting it all ready and installed at your convenience, get in touch with your expert today. Here work is guaranteed down to the smallest detail. And of course if you are in need of any individual service or specific product, our caring service are here to help with what you need, feel free to get in touch today.

A service who understands

 we understand youThe secret to good service is for the team here good communication. This applies to the specific cases of the long lasting relationships we have with our customers, and it also applies to a wider perspective in a more general way. Our listening service team are always working to avoid misunderstandings and miscommunications as it can lead surprises which are not beneficial for either us or our customers. By always paying close attention and listening to the preferences and requirements of our customers and combining the information shared with us with our knowledge in the field, together with you as the customer, we can often find agreement to what an ideal security situation is, both from a financial and a physical perspective. On top of that, your service team are always as clear as possible with all information and advice that we share, keeping you up to date and informed all the way from start to finished, never using jargon and always ensuring that we are on the same page.
By taking this approach your service has helped a countless number of happy and satisfied customers to a more secure situation at home, at work or in any other specified area. Give us a call at any time and speak to a trained and experienced specialist in the area of security, and ensure that your premises is as safe and secure as can be today, and of course feel free to get in touch with any day to day service requirements and needs.

Small to Medium Business security solutions

quality business securityHere the team understands the stresses of having your own business, and something that we feel extra compassion for is the difficulty in find the time to give your security the attention it needs. For starters, it can be difficult even to know when it’s the right time to start thinking about security investments. If you are a growing and developing business we are sure the thought have already crossed your mind at some point, and rightly so. With an expanding business the financial value of it is also something that will be going up, and if your industry are is something which requires you keep valuable inventory, or the takings of the day in house, our service team would say that it’s never too early to begin putting security measures in place.

If you get in touch with the experience service team here who has helped many small to medium businesses with everything from safe installations, security bars and shutters to alarm and monitoring system installations you will no doubt find what is suiting to you. And with this rapid service team, you can also be sure that your new security features will be ready, installed and up and running as part of your daily routine before you know it.

So don’t let yourself go another risky day, call today and book in for a security survey with our service experts, and find out where your security budget is best spent. Competitive rates, experience with many businesses like your own and highly trained service team is waiting for your call.

The Choice is yours with a flexible service

a flexible team who leaves you to decideSomething that which is intrinsically valued within every person, organisation and relation, also applicable to business relationships is of course the sense of freedom.

For a team who are made from strong and dedicated individuals who burn for what they do, it’s a given that your sense of choice is respected to the highest grade. For our service team, leaving all the choices and decisions which are to be made when you are for instance in the process of finding a new and better security solution for your home or business in your hand I a must.

Keeping away from jargon and industry based language which is perhaps not your forte is something always kept in mind, as so to provide you with the clarity you need to be able to pick the things which are both your preference and choice.

Flexibility in approach leads this service team to be able to customise your solution down the finest detail, and of course the experienced team is also there to help guide you and answer any questions that crop up along the way. If there is already a specific solution or system that you have in mind then you can of course make use of the professional installation service as a standalone service, and if you call our experts today, a suitable time can be arranged. Small jobs such as key cutting, gaining access, lock checks and repairs can also be called and booked in with a quick turnaround. For emergency situations the lines are also open all hours. Simply, you can trust this service to be there when you need it, ensuring that our contact details are saved may just save you from a disaster.

Always wanting what is best for you

always caring for you The team here knows what is best for you, at least when it comes to from a security point of view. So if you come to a well recommended service who always has your best interest in mind, you can also leave the security of your home or your business in the hands of a trusted professional. No matter what you need, communicate your requirements, worries or needs and rest assured that you will be kept up to date with the current market. And with a traditionally strong tradesman service, you feel safe and secure. Simply said, this leaves you and your valuable time free to deal with all life’s challenges and joy’s.

For shop security, office security or for extensive security solutions, you can trust in our experts. With years of experience in the industry and a long row of customers waiting to give their recommendation for us, you will be guaranteed the best service in the area. For your spare key cutting, for your lock changes, for your alarm installation and much more. Choose a service which never forgets about the most important factor of every home or business. Namely you. Have a chat with one of our trained team today, and find out what you need to minimise risk for your property, and remember, we’re always keeping prices competitive to ensure that you get the best value for money around. The team here believes that security is for everyone, and should never be a privilege but a self-evident feature of every business investment or family home. And don’t be afraid to call in the middle of the night should you find yourself in an emergency situation.

Only premium quality products with a service provider caring for customers

 quality door handleWhen it comes to home or business security it’s of the highest important to be up to date with the market and the current technologies used in home security protection. This is the reason to why any provider who cares for their customers will always make sure that the priorities are on providing you with the best products available on the market and up to date with current security standards. So if you need to speak to a provider who cares for their customers and are dedicated to providing the best full home and business security solutions for their customers, which is currently available please feel free to get in touch.

And when it comes to the security of your home, and the safety of your family, or the financial security of your business investment, quality is not something that can be compromised. This is something that every experienced provider knows, and something that we work hard to always achieve. So get in touch at any time, and book in for a security survey, taking the first steps to a better and more secure future, both physically and financially. And if you give us a ring, you’ll have a provider with the expertise and experience needed to give your home or business the security touch ups it is in need of. And of course you can also get in touch should you require any other day to day service, such as key cutting, lock repairs and installations, alarm installations or if you are in an emergency lock out situation and require access fast.

Traditional and Modern

 traditional and modernOur team is one of traditional values, but of modern service. So if you get in touch with the team here you will be well taken care of. We aim for long lasting customer relationships in which we provide services and security for you as a private owner or you as a business owner. Everything from day to day needs such as getting spare keys cut, getting your locks repaired, to new installations and security upgrades. Being traditional we value every customer as an individual and care for your security. Of course despite of wanting to be able to have a traditional tradesman relation with our customers we of course also provide new modern locks and security systems.

So why not speak with our up to date and caring service today. In a security inspection, which is fast, easy and can be done at a time suiting to you, you will be able to find out where your security weaknesses lie, as well as how you can best protect these areas. Each home or business area is unique, and the trained team at this respected service have eyes which can spot potential risk areas. If you are new to home security systems we can also advice you on what is suitable to your situation. Of course you as the customer is always at the centre of each process to improve security, and factors such as individual situations, insurance company requirements and budget is always taken into account when planning the security solution for someone.

So feel free to get in touch with your favourite, traditional and modern service today, and let us help you to a better and safer future, for your family and your investments.

A team who understands the stress of a lockout situation

 24 hour serviceHere you’ll find a team who is always ready, and always available to take your emergency lockout call. 24 hour a day, every day of the year you can get in touch with us and a quick emergency lockout service will be on the way to resolve your issue as soon as possible. The stress which can be caused by finding yourself locked out of your own home, especially since often these things seem to happen in conjunction with very bad timing, is of great magnitude, and this is something which the team here understands.

The same goes of course the other way around, and if you are in a mad rush to somewhere and you cannot find the keys which are needed to leave the place locked and secure this service is here to come to your aid.

So don’t hesitate to get in touch, should you ever find yourself locked out, or unable to lock your door, and be sure that help is on the way. Help which is understanding of your situation and will make your urgency their priority.

Should you be in need of any other service, please feel free to call and speak to one of our lovely team, work can always flexibly be planned around your schedule, and don’t forget to ask if you have any questions at all with regards to our emergency lockout service, or with regards to your own home or business security.

Placing your safety first

 drivewayIt’s important to realise just how vital it is to have a professional and reliable solution at hand when you need it, no matter what you need it for. Here you can find the highest level of security standards, as well as a team who cares for you, and places your security at the top. This means that if you come to us for your lock installations and security system installations you will always get exactly what you need. Our service has a well earned good reputation, and we are known for our innovative and practical solutions to your home or business security.

So if you are a private customer who is looking to ensure the security of your family and your belongings at home we can help you all the way from what you choose, to what you need drawing upon our years of experience in the industry. And if you are a small business, we have a countless number of good solutions for office environments, workshops and a range of other work spaces. Getting in touch with our service today, will no doubt lead to a great new security solution for you and what it is that you would like to protect the most. With a forthcoming team who is always open to give answers to any questions you may have, you will always find a high security solution here, no matter your budget. With competitive prices you will always be well cared for here! So feel free to get in touch with this friendly team today, no matter what your inquiry may be with regards to.

Quality workmanship from our team

 quality workmanshipIf you are searching for someone dedicated, not only to what they do, but also to you. Come to the team here! Having countless of years in the industry and with customers of a wide variety, always focusing on quality, precision and great service you can be guaranteed the highest level of workmanship and strong dedication to providing you with proper and high quality services and products. Our team are dedicated to the trade, to tradition and to building relationships based on workmanship and dedication.

With our long running service, always keeping with what is current when it comes to industry development and news, as well as keeping competitive prices and providing you with security solutions and installation of the highest standard you can rest assured that your security needs will be fulfilled here. Workmanship is something which runs further than just the quick precision installations that we do, it deals with perfectionism and a desire to do the best job possible every time. This is why our service guarantees your satisfaction, as we never leave a job unless it’s up to the highest possible standard. All the work we do, we do properly, to ensure long lasting solutions which will withstand attack. If you have any questions on the work that we do, please feel free to speak to your friendly team today, we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have and help with anything we can, and if you would like to book in for a service, this can always be arranged around your schedule, so don’t hesitate. Get in touch with our service today, and make sure that you are secure with proper protection.

A provider who puts customers first

 you are most welcomeBeing warmly recommended by our previous customers is something that we take much pride in and something that we aim to keep as our own minimal standards. So if you are in search of a provider whom will always put your security needs first, you have come to the right place. In order to always be available to our customers we make sure that our phones are manned 24 hours a day, meaning that you can give us a call at any time with your day to day requirement or your emergency lock out or lock malfunction situation. With a emergency provider who is dedicated to the convenience and care of our customers, you can also rest assured that we will be there before you know it to assist you in your emergency situations.

Should you require a provider for your day to day needs, you can also be sure that we are flexible, and can make arrangements with times suiting to you. Plus our team is highly trained in both the mechanics of the locks and security systems installed, both in theory and practice, and installations are always done swiftly and professionally.

So why not leave your security in the hands of a professional whom you can rely on to make the best decisions and advice you, and provide you with honest and competitive quotes. So if you have any questions regarding your security, at work or at home which you would like to ask a professional installer, please feel free to give us a call at any time.

Keeping prices down

 houseUnlike large national companies, our business doesn’t have to pay out on many overheads. The independent company is a great way of running the business to keep costs down for our customers.

Combining this with the speed and efficiency of the  team members means that your quote will be among the best in the area. All materials meet or exceed industry and, where applicable, British Standards.

In these difficult economic times it might seem tempting to cross your fingers and hope that you won’t run into trouble, but the truth is that home and business security is now more important than ever. We therefore do everything it can to mean everyone can afford peace of mind.

Keeping on top of new technology

Changing locks and acting as emergency services are the staple work of our team, and whilst you might think that such tasks have not changed in years, new technology is always becoming available to make such jobs quicker and easier. This cost saving is passed on to  customers.

However, the impact of technology on the industry runs much deeper than this. With potential intruders having access to such technology, the locksmithing industry must respond to keep on top of its game and to keep your property secured.

Our dedicated staff undergo regular training to be updated about new technology on the market. If you are looking for the latest fingerprint safe or retina-scanning entry system, ours is the business to call.