Do I need a lock replacement if I have lost my keys?

If a key has gone astray, a change of locks is highly recommended. To be unaware of where all the keys leading to your home is a strong breach of security. With the addition of insurance policies becoming invalidated should the perpetrator gain access to your property this way.

Some things which get lost eventually turn up. But with the case of keys. A lock replacement should be arranged for when the fact that they keys are lost has been established. Should the keys be in the hands of someone with bad intent. The regret of not changing your locks immediately will hurt even more. Knowing you had a chance to correct it.

do I need a new lock cylinderOur specialist technicians always advocate a lock replacement if you have lost your keys. And we arrive stocked and ready. A lock replacement is quick with the right installer. And with it, you’ll have your security back up to the standard you want.

Lost keys are no doubt a pain. It’s not something we plan for, and it’s a little time out of our day. Perhaps with added stress and a high energy requirement. To ensure that you don’t leave yourself in a bad situation. Save our number. So that you have someone quick, friendly and efficient. To help assist you with the lock replacement you need if you’ve lost your keys. The specialist help you need for on the spot lock and security checks is also available.

If you in addition to losing your keys have lost access to your home or business. Feel free to give our 24 hour, ready technicians a call. Fast to arrive, fast to resolve and fast to get you back on track to where you’re going. And with on the spot lock replacements available. You’ll save yourself from a ton of hassle and stress.

What is a keyless entry system?

To save you from all the trouble and grief that a key can cause you. With its ability to get stuck, lost, break or simply stop working. Think about having a keyless entry system installed. Here the convenience of not having to have a key in the first place will save you a potential world of pain.
Or will it? There has been much rave about keyless entry systems on the industry market and in the news lately. There are a whole variety of high technology made available to the general public. And at affordable prices for the average homeowner.

Our experts say they are the way into the future. But many local locksmithing services still offer more traditional means of home security to many people. Simply due to the fact that they get more security for their money.

What is a keyless entry system and is it right for meA keyless entry system needs a little time for the homeowner to become used to the particular means of entry which is chosen. For instance. If a digilock variety is chosen. True there will not be any keys to lose. But there will be a code that you will need to remember, and that you will need to change regularly. Great, you need the memory exercise. And if manageable. Our lock specialists say go for it. However, a common occurrence is simply forgotten codes. And what do you do in this situation other than go through a world of administration and organisation to retrieve access. A code lock is not for everyone. Speak to us today about keyless entry and have a discussion about what solutions you might be interested in.

One of the other large contenders on the market of keyless systems is of course what is called smart locks. These locks are integrated in your smart home system. Which often allows you to control more than just your locks and access. But allow you a hub of full control over monitoring, lights, media stations, and more. Please stay tuned to find out more about keyless and smart technology. And feel free to get in touch with us if there is anything that you are wondering about.