When you need an emergency lockout service Nottingham, you want to know that the people you call will be there quickly and with all the necessary tools for the job. Our team have heard some horror stories about second-rate handymen leaving customers waiting for hours, alone and vulnerable, or missing out on important appointments and events. We guarantee to be with you within an hour, unlike others who may assess the situation and have to go away to collect the right equipment, our large vans carry everything we could possibly need to gain entry to your car or property. This saves you stress, time and money.

A recent example of the work carried out by our emergency lockout service involved a large and influential manufacturing company based on an industrial estate just outside central Nottingham. The Managing Director had taken his set of keys to the front gates away on holiday with him, and of the holders of the three other sets, two could not be contacted and the third had lost his keys. An unusual situation and a very awkward one for the embarrassed manager who had lost his keys! He called our team at 3.30am because he had three lorries arriving with new stock for the plant, all waiting on the small road outside the gate unable to enter. We sprang into action and were with him by 3.50am. As our vans carry heavy-duty equipment for industrial entry, we were able to see the lorries safely through the gates at 4am. Another job well done by our incredible team! The quick and reliable response of the team earned us a contract installing security systems within the factory. Trust our experts to meet all your locksmithing needs without delay.