How often do I need to have a lock check done?

The answer to this questions is highly dependent on who you are, in what area you live and what risks you face. In the most general of terms you should as a homeowner with an up to date alarm make sure to have your locks checked by a professional inspection specialist at least once every other year. This may sound a high number, but with the quick pacing market and the fast developments in the world. It’s important to keep up to date.

How often do I need to have a professional check my locks according to specialistsThat said, often there are only minor adjustments in need of being made. And with a skilled and competitive specialist security service, there is most likely no large cost involved. By speaking to us today, simply lift the phone and dial our number. Saving it will also give you access to a quick emergency lockout service at any time. For a 24h emergency smith. There is no such time as time off.

Security, daily requirements, lock checks, alarm installations and much more. Speak to professionals here about any of your needs. And feel free to call now to book in for an affordable specialist lock check with our professionals straight away.

We work with your timetable, and by making the choice to trust a local security provider who have been operating in the area for years. Who value you as a customer and who works hard for your safety and security. You secure yourself as best possible in a risky area.

Make your front door more secure

keeping you safeAs with many other parts of the United Kingdom, our community is currently experiencing a surge in criminal activity. With such news, it’s not surprising to learn that we have had an increase in the number of concerned customers enquiring of measures they can take to further secure their property. Many of those customers are also concerned over price. Luckily our local team doesn’t believe that anyone should be priced out of effective home security which is why we always recommend cost-effective solutions to remedy any potential weaknesses in your home security system. Whether you have a wooden, plastic or composite front door, there’s always an additional layer you can add for further protection.

Our team of expert lock engineers often find it worrying just home many homes across the NG postcodes have wooden doors with only one locking system on them. While a Yale lock provides convenient protection, it can often prove useless without the addition of a mortise lock installation. The Yale lock allows us to leave our home without physically locking our front door with a key, but it also is relatively straightforward for criminals to break into. By having our local team install a mortise lock on your wooden front door, you can rest assured knowing your property is further secure. What’s more, no matter what time of day you call to arrange such work, you will always be quoted a reasonable price.

When working with mortise locks – in light of the above news – we tend to recommend installing an anti-thrust plate too. You’ve probably seen these popping up on properties all around the neighbourhood. These are the metal plates that cover the gap between the frame of the door and the door itself, slotting neatly over the gap where the locking mechanism was installed. This prevents any potential intruders from being able to put tools and equipment down the side of the door in an attempt to pry open the entrance. As with other security installations, this is relatively inexpensive and is very effective at protecting domestic properties.

For more information on any of the above or other security measures, call today for free advice and a free quote on any requested works.

Preparing your home for the future

Security for the future If you are anything like the amiable and friendly bundle of people who work with one of the best service providers in the area. Then you are likely to see time pass at a fast pace, and without a doubt times have changed much in the last couple of decades.

In looking at the past we can learn for the future, a statement our crew believes in, and with a long row of experience in custom home security builds. You and trust that the experience to bring you the best of what is current is with the work women and men in this place. There are both price and quality guarantees in place to make it so that you never have to pay more than you need to, and you will always be as safe as you can be. Our experts are here to assist with all matters, both for your home security and for that of your business outlet.

In the present the crew feel it important to place stress on the point of that fast arriving future. Though the right choices and installations now, you can keep yourself more secure for future adventures and endeavours, which will in turn help you to achieve in the areas that you are ambitious in. Leave your worries, at least in connection to burglary and theft security, by trusting a group of train experts with what they do best, you have the time and space to practice what it is you do best, whatever that may be. Should it not be with yourself in mind that you contact one of our advisors now for your security upgrade, let it be for the security of those you love and your neighbourhood.

Unbeatable Quality

We provide unbeatable quality lock servicing and repair for all types of lock, at incredible prices you just can’t say no to!
We carry out work on any lock, at any time of day. with our 24 hour call out service available you need never be locked out without assistance again.
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