What is lock snapping?

In conversation and not to far back in the media and news the security issue of lock snapping was brought to light. If you’ve heard the term and should you be pondering ‘what is lock snapping’ yourself, then here’s some information from our experts.

what is lock snappingThe method of breaking a lock and gaining access to the mechanism by removing the lock face. And thereby being able to open the lock. Is a quick and effective way of bypassing a weak cylinder lock. This whole operation is something that can take only a few minutes if the burglar is practised.

What lock snapping is, get’s its name from the weak point of a euro cylinder being snapped. The weak point was discovered was one to have been installed in a vast number of homes.

To ensure you’re not locking your home with an out of date contraption. One that is susceptible to what lock snapping is. You can of course always speak to the experts on locks and installations here.

Getting away from what lock snapping risks you face is simple. If you have a vulnerable lock (you can ring us for assistance if you don’t know,) an upgrade to a high security Euro Cylinder with anti-snap cuts, would be a suitable remedy as an anti-snap lock installation. What that means is that deliberate weak points for the lock to break has been placed away from the centre of the cylinder. If this lock is snapped. It will be snapped in such a way as to leave the lock stuck in the door securely locked.

What lock snapping is has unfortunately reminded us of how innovative and effective burglars can be. It’s a very applicable security risk, and many buildings today are vulnerable. If this is the first you are looking into the matter of what lock snapping is, we encourage you to check your locks and speak to a professional if you have not yet done so. Find more information about what happens during a lock check here.

A little help can go a long way

locks and securityIt’s unfortunate that a city as beautiful as ours has such an issue with crime across the city. This is especially worrying for those who feel they can’t afford to make substantial security upgrades to their property. Thankfully, our services are always reasonably priced to ensure anyone can secure their property effectively without breaking the bank. However, there are also small improvements you can make to your house to reinforce the existing security and deter criminals.

All doors with exposed cylinders should have an escutcheon plate fitted. These act as a protective layer for the cylinder which prevents it from being successfully remove by an unwanted criminal. The plate helps to bed the cylinder into the door and doesn’t ruin the aesthetic either. Additionally, you should always check on the health of the strike plate in your door. This is the metal plate that goes over the holes in your door frame where your locking mechanism latches into. Over years of use these can become battered and worn and it’s important to ensure that they remain healthy to fully protect your property. Of course if you don’t have one either, then we highly recommend the small investment as it has untold benefits to improving the security at the access points on your property, all for an inexpensive price too.

If you live in a neighbourhood that has a particularly high crime rate we will also recommend investing in a ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ sticker to place in a window near your door. These are easily visible from a distance and have been proven to reduce criminal activity.

As is clear, anyone can make small improvements to their existing security without breaking the bank. Small additions can not only secure your property, but also act as a deterrent. The latter is the most important part as while you want to have effective locking mechanisms to keep unwanted visitors out, every property should have effective deterrents to stop any criminals from even considering targeting your property.

With our team a little bit of help can go a long way!

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the home or business security to suit your needsThe reasons to get in touch with a specialist in the field of security always benefits your your situation, speaking with someone who knows the ins and outs of the industry and the products available today is crucial to make a good choice. A professional who is qualified, trained and always available is what you can have at hand, any hour of the day if you make us your choice. We have dedication equalled by no one else in the area, and with it comes the competitive prices that we ensure to bring our customers on what they need. Home security solutions, business requirements and all repairs, replacements and security advice you will ever need you can get from our staff, who are trusted and relied upon by our customers. Long lasting repairs are our motto, and what is best for you and your security is what we always work hard to provide.

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